About Us

Our History

Boushahri Group Medical was established as an independent legal entity in 2009. Under the able leadership of Mr. Mohammed Boushahri, the company has spread its roots into all sectors of the medical industry with a significant presence in the Pharmaceuticals, Dermatology & Aesthetics sectors. Today, Boushahri Group Medical is one of the top 10 Medical companies in Kuwait.

Boushahri Group Medical Co is established in Bahrain at the beginning of 2022 furthering Mr. Mohammed’s ambition of being a healthcare leader not only in Kuwait but in the region of GCC.
In the pipeline for the coming year are expansion plans in the Sultanate of Oman.

Mr. Mohammed Boushahri is also the Chairman of Boushahri Tech Co., which is a major player in the photography industry.

With his several years of proven business excellence in various fields and exceptional leadership qualities, Mr. Mohammed Boushahri is geared to leave a significant footprint in the healthcare industry in the region.

Boushahri Group Medical was a part of Boushahri Group Trading Company before it became it's own entity in 2009.

Boushahri Group Trading Company was established in 1968, by Mr. Jawad Jassem Boushahri. The mother company included various well-reputed brand agencies such as Fujifilm, Red Bull, Rauch, & Septona.

In 1975, Boushahri expanded into the healthcare industry with branches extending into Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices. With this new vision of providing cutting-edge health technology, strong partnerships were built with major international brands including Allergan; Boushahri being the first agent of Allergan in Kuwait since 1980.

  • Mission

    Provide accessible and cutting edge healthcare solutions.

    Engage in symbiotic partnerships with business partners.

    Provide a positive environment for employees.

  • Vision

    To be the market leader in healthcare solutions delivery

  • Values